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The Kitchen Mill of Sandbrook

The Delaware Township Post is offering you one of the earliest and most important mills in Delaware Township once stood along Sandbrook-Headquarters Road on the east side of the village. Fortunately, we have an old photograph to show what it once looked like. If you visit Sandbrook today, located just off Route 523 about four miles north of Sergeantsville, you will find a wonderful community with many historic buildings, but regrettably, no mill. You can also read more about another one breathtaking post for the History of Headquarters Mill by clicking here.

Some of the earliest settlers in and around Sand Brook were the Kitchen brothers, Henry, James and Thomas. Henry Kitchen is known to have built a …

Kitchen Cemetery, Revisited

Some time ago, I wrote an article on the Kitchen Family Burying Ground. It was published without pictures because I had been unable to visit the site. Well, that omission has been remedied. Recently I made that long-delayed visit and got some wonderful photos. Because it is important to put the photos with the names, I’ve decided to republish the article, with slight changes and photos attached.

The cemetery is located near Routes 523 and 579, back from the roads, hiding in the woods. In 1931, Egbert T. Bush wrote that half of the cemetery was located on the Thatcher farm and half on a farm owned by A. J. Dalrymple. Bush identified a few of the stones, …