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Kitchen Cemetery Revisited, Part II

The T Stones

The other significant family here is the Thatchers (or Trouts). Here are the stones that end in the letter T: A. T.;  B. T.;  I. T. W H A 24, 1775;  L. T. D O R 23, 1778;  M. T.;  and M. A. T. On my recent visit I only found two stones with T. initials, and one of them is not on this list.

A T. might be Amos Thatcher (1704 Wales-1798). Amos Thatcher was executor of the estate of his friend Isaac Robins in 1741, and witnessed the will of James Kitchen in 1745. Amos Thatcher had a farm in Sergeantsville. He was 93 when he died, having outlived at least four of his 12 children.

One of his sons was named Bartholomew, who …