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The mills of the Delaware Township

Delaware Township, like all other communities in Hunterdon county, was once Water-fed. All the coves and streams were set to use for mills of several kinds. The Wickecheoke and its tributaries, the Lockatong, and the coves of Alexauken, the Plum Brook and Sand creek, and the branches of the Neshanic all provided power to the mills in the eighteenth and nineteenth Centuries.

Several years before 1838, when the Delaware township was created by the New Jersey legislature, the settlers in that area were residents of Amwell township, which today included reritan, Flemington, East and West Amwell, Stockton and Lambertville. The first families of Amwell were able to be self-sufficient in most things, but to grind the grain, the solid fabric or the press oil demanded more equipment than the …