Raven Rock Book Project

Dear Neighbors,

Friends and residents of Raven Rock, Delaware Township, NJ are writing a book about their small village.  The short history book will consist of about 150 pages of text and fifty images documenting the wonderful and interesting events that ocurred in Raven Rock since before the Revolutionary War and up to the present day.  Chapters will explain the early history of the area including a discussion of fisheries, mills and the first landowners of Raven Rock.  The railroad and feeder canal construction will be explained as well as the development of the different ferries and bridges that were used between Raven Rock and Lumberville, PA.  Chapters relating to the 20th Century will include the uranium ore discovery in a local quarry and the construction of the Daniel Bray Highway or Rt. 29.  Other topics will be a discussion of historic structures se well as their uses, and the story of the Missing Link Art Show which brought artists like Daniel Garber and Ken Nunamaker to Raven Rock.  The book will address the development of Bull Island as a state park and more recent events, too.  Already, the authors have made some wonderful contacts with past residents and have had several gatherings to make this book project a community effort.  If you would have any information or images related to Raven Rock, then please contact the editor for this project, Curt Chinnici at curtchinnici@me.com.  The book is expected to be released by History Press in February of 2013.