Covered Bridge Artisans 15th Annual Studio Tour and Sale

The Covered Bridge Artisans Annual Studio is a self-guided event located in Southern Hunterdon County of New Jersey.  This year the tour will take place in five professional artists studios in the Lambertville,

Stockton and Sergeantsville area with seven guest artists located in a restored stone church in Locktown.  The idea of the group grew out of a desire to bring visitors into the countryside to see high quality work being produced by studio artisans in their historic and architecturally interesting home environments.

Among the studios on the tour, Katherine Hackl of Swan Street Studio in Lambertville is a potter who isworking in black and tan carved stoneware and her new white on white porcelain of carved fruit, trees and animal designs.  Karen and Geoff Caldwell of Sunflower Glass Studio outside Stockton have been working in stained glass for 34 years.  Their stained glass designs include residential and church windows and a huge product line for gifts and the home.

Phoebe Wiley of the Long Lane Farm Studio outside of Sergeantsville is a producer of majolica platters and bowls painted in her original designs with bold color combinations. Both studios offer workshops and classes.

Moorland Studio in Stockton is the collaboration of Constance Bassett and David Cann. The studio specializes in public art sculpture conservation and decorative metal fabrication,  but also shows sculpture, furniture, necklaces and oil paintings. The Art Colony at the Prallsville Mill in Stockton is the home to Impressionist painter Ty Hodanish.  Hodanish will be showing a special collection of small paintings for the tour.

The guest artists showing at the Locktown Stone Church will be Sheila Coutin with sculptural pottery and functional ware.  Susan Nadelson with hand dyed and handspun yarn from fine wool, silk , mohair, kid, and alpaca.   Diana Contine of Dakota Moon who designs silver from natural themes and combines them with gems.

Sy Mondshein and Lisa Martin of Maple leather make bags and purses from leather and tapestry.  Fiona Scott is a potter who draws her inspiration from the sea and Martha Dreswick designs and weaves wooden baskets with red oak and embellishments of twisted sea grass.  Ron Dombrowski is a wood carver of shorebirds and decorative fish.

The free  self-guided tour is November 27, 28 and 29, 10 am – 5 pm.