The Post – a new look, a new site

To our readers:

Next month marks four years in operation for The Post.  We are proud of what we’ve done and you should be too, as the input and commentary from our subscribers have made this a real community project – just what was envisioned.

With this article, you can see that we’ve moved to a new platform – one that has a number of new features that should make The Post a better place.  You can manage your own profile and subscription.  We anticipate further improvements soon.

We have added a new Environment category and we are open to your suggestions for other sections that might be added. As always, if there are stories or events that you would like to write about, we will be happy to help you publish them.

We are always looking for new writers for The Post. We think the new software will make it easier for readers to become regular contributors. Whatever your topic is – school, church, girl scouts, sports, politics…we encourage you to try your hand at writing for your Delaware Township Post.

Thanks for your support and involvement.