“Cashing In On Soil Health” – Rodale Institute field trip, July 17, 2009, 9AM – 4PM

It all starts in a one-room schoolhouse…

Healthy soil is the building block of vitality for plants, animals and humans. What’s more, healthy soil can be our leading tool to fight global warming.

There’s a clear “carbon connection” farmers can make between storing biological carbon in soils and removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. In the near future, farmers and landowners who farm in ways that increase their capacity for carbon sequestration can be financially rewarded for their efforts. That’s right – extra income for using agriculturally sound practices that also build soil health.

Join Rodale Institute researchers and guest speakers on July 17 for a day of presentations, hands-on workshops and Institute farm tours.

DISCOVER resources on how to start building soil health.
LEARN soil-building practices that every farmer can use every day.
SEE what 30 years of organic management does to improve soil texture and performance.
EXPERIENCE the vitality of a farm that is actively pioneering the frontiers of organic agriculture after 60 years of ground – breaking research.

Fee: $15.00 includes lunch.
Register online at http://www.rodaleinstitute.org/registration2009

Instructions are available online. From Hunterdon County take Route 78 to exit 45 near Smithville; pick up Rt. 863 South; go 1/2 mile to a 3-way intersection; take the middle fork, Siegfriedale Road; follow this road 2 miles until you come to a brick one-room schoolhouse. Tours begin here.