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To Delaware Township Post Readers,

As some of you know I have from time to time contributed some articles to the Post about Delaware Township history. I plan to keep doing that because studying the Township’s history has been an on-going project of mine since the early 1980s.  For several years I served as the Township Historian, but had to resign when my life got too complicated (my husband and I now have a residence in Washington DC as well as our beloved farm in Delaware Twp.).

Prior to serving as Township Historian, I did a stint on the Township Planning Board which taught me a lot about the importance of land ownership to township history. I started up a research business called Goodspeed House Histories and was able to study the history of several Delaware Township properties. In that process, I realized that in the 18th and 19th centuries, Delaware and Hunterdon families intermarried—a lot. So any information I collected was bound to be useful in the future. As a result, over the many years, I’ve collected a huge amount of information about both Delaware and Hunterdon families.

I still have many stories to send to the Post about Delaware Township, but Delaware is part of a larger entity that also interests me. As it happens, I have two adult sons who have been blogging for a few years. Gradually, from reading their blogs (and a few gardening blogs too) I’ve begun to realize what a great tool a blog can be for someone like me.

Because I mostly study history by going after what interests me, I find myself studying one family or one piece of property or one event, following leads to see where they take me. This happened recently when the subject of the Fox family came up on a genealogical mailing list. I started learning about the several George Foxes who lived north of Rosemont, and pretty soon found I had a story worth telling.

So that is the subject of my first blog, the first George Fox to settle near Rosemont, his connection to George Fox, founder of the Quaker religion, and the four George Foxes who followed him.

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Marfy Goodspeed