New Post Office for Sergeantsville

In April, Mr. Greg Lackey of the United States Postal Service (USPS) appeared before the Township Committee informing the governing body and the residents that the USPS is looking for a new facility in the Sergeantsville area. The need for a new post office is due to the limited size of the existing facilities and potential safety problems.
Mr. Lackey explained the process for locating the new post office which includes substantial community involvement. Mr. Lackey welcomes public comment. The public will have a period to comment on proposals for possible locations. Once the USPS selects a site, they will be informed and asked for comments.

The new post office will continue to not provide delivery service, but will have more post office boxes. Also, there will be a lobby area and parking. The USPS’s first option is to try to expand in a present location. The USPS aims for a 2,089 square foot facility, so expansion in this location is probably not possible. The present post office is only about 400 square feet. Mr. Lackey believes the Township wants to keep the post office in this immediate area. He will advertise for sites — either existing space to renovate or a free-standing building built to post office specifications.

Edward May who lives across from the current facility said that he is concerned with the style of the new building. He said it is important to maintain the architectural integrity of the village. Mr. Lackey said that the USPS uses standard design criteria. He would ask for a deviation to blend in the exterior facade. The facility will not require local approvals, but he will provide the plans for review.Mr. Lackey said that the USPS leases its facilities. The owner of the building will pay taxes.

Bob Chamberlain, a township resident, said that residents are always assured of rubbing elbows in the post office. He likes the current location. He knows that conditions are tight in the current location and asked what the minimum requirements to relieve tight conditions are. Mr. Lackey said that 2,089 is the preferred size, but he will advertise for proposals between 1750 and 2500 square feet.

Resident Steve Roth asked Mr. Lackey to try to keep the post office in the village of Sergeantsville. The post office brings the community together.

Ginny Hook, a neighbor of the post office, said that she did not want the post office changed, but she will listen to reason. She asked whether the facility could be built on the vacant lot across from the Township Building. Mr. Johnson said that is municipal property. The Township is not in the business of renting its land. It is open space in the village and used for many things. There is a farmers’ market there this summer.